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Desperado Dual

July 18, 2015 @ 6:30 AM - 9:00 PM

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Event Information:

Are you one of the few strong enough to ride over 200 miles in a day?

Face it; a single day 200+ mile ride places you in the upper echelon of cyclists. It’s an accomplishment you’ll feel proud of, something you’ll tell your friends and family about, something that separates you from the pack.

The Desperado Dual is Utah’s first 200+ mile event of the year. It’s both the perfect prep for other 200+ mile events and a personal milestone few can claim. Skirting the doorstep of Bryce Canyon, the Desperado Dual’s course is like riding through a living painting. With scenery that takes your breath away, crystal clear air, scenic roads with low traffic, and mild summer temperatures, this is the perfect event for you!

Ride the Desperado Dual and You’ll Experience the Beauty of Bryce Canyon’s doorstep first hand with our 50, 109, 150, and 218 mile options. You’ll certainly agree, it’s one thing to Drive scenic roads, to see country flashing by while you watch for landmarks…

But to ride your bike through country that makes your heart flutter in awe at its beauty, that’s something totally different. You can feel the air against your skin, rustling your hair. Nothing blocks your view of the majesty surrounding you, nothing separates you from nature. When you ride through a patch of shade you feel the temperature drop. You hear the sounds of life all around and smell the flowers. None of that happens in your car…

The Desperado Dual offers you the chance to prep for other 200+ mile events and to appreciate the beauty around Bryce Canyon in a way few ever have or will.

Join us Saturday, July 19th, 2014 for this incredible ride:

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Not up to 218 miles? That’s okay! We also offer extremely popular 109 & 50 mile options. And new this year, a 150 Mile Route for you—if you want to tackle more than 109 miles without going the full 218!

More Desperado Dual Details:

• Event is chip timed
• Fully stocked rest stops, a great lunch, and more!
• A distance to challenge every rider with 50, 109, & 218 mile options
• Event jersey available for purchase
• Event is capped at 500 riders, so register now and secure your spot
• You’ll receive a custom Desperado Dual event Medal with your registration
• You’ll get a one-of-a-kind Desperado Dual beanie with your registration
• Pre-ride party at check in
• Roving Sag support
• Post ride dinner (218 mile riders only)
• Same popular route as the 2014 ride!
• New for 2015: We’ve added a 150 mile route!
• 218 mile riders get to complete the primary route twice!
• Flattest 200+ mile ride in Utah!

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All riders must sign an event waiver and wear an ANSI approved helmet at all times on the ride, must have a legal lighting system after sunset (front and rear), carry proper ID, and abide by all traffic laws. Riders’ bike must be in good and safe working condition. Riders are required to carry at least two water bottles. Personal SAG vehicles are allowed for riders in the relay, however no personal SAG vehicles are allowed to follow riders on the course.


The Desperado Dual starts on the peaceful streets of Panguitch, Utah, close to the Treasure of Bryce Canyon National Park. You’ll head out on E. Center St.—Highway 89—and follow that out of town where Highway 89 curves south and flows along the Sevier River into mountain scenery of pine covered hillsides, stone walls, cut-outs, and high-desert grass and brush. You’ll continue riding next to the river until your route intersects with Highway 12. Then you’ll turn east and follow Highway 12 into Red Canyon National Forest. The wondrous Hoodoos and crags dotting the roadside will fill you with awe as you ride through country etched by time into a living tapestry of rose and golden spires and buttresses.

You’ll ride along the winding mountain road, under natural stone arches, and past Butch Cassidy Draw. Your journey then takes you by the doorstep of Bryce Canyon National Park. A few miles after that, you’ll turn onto Johns Valley Rd.

50 Milers: You’ll turn around about 4.5 miles after turning onto Johns Valley Rd and get to take in the incredible sights—in reverse order—as you ride back to the Start/Finish in Panguitch.

109, 150, and 218 Milers: You’ll continue along Johns Valley Road where your real adventure begins. You’ll ride under azure skies on roads nearly devoid of traffic. High desert grass and sage carpet the rolling hills as you experience nature in the intimate way only cyclists can.

Just after mile 46 of your ride you’ll enter a nice section that winds along through a narrow glen. You’ll ride along next to the east fork of the Sevier River, nestled between hills with sandstone faces atop them. Your only companions, clean air, sunshine, and nature-sounds as you race along. Make sure you watch for the Antimony landmark—an abandoned mill that’s the focal point of many photos. You’ll be one of the few who can say you saw it in person.

Just before mile 55 of your ride you’ll leave the glen and enter farmland on the outskirts of Antimony—about as small a town as you’ll find with a population of only 122. After you appreciate Antimony’s old-town charm, you’ll leave town and pass Otter Creek State Park—a prime destination for boaters, ATV riders, and fishing enthusiast.

This section of your ride is truly a rare gem. You’ll leave civilization behind as you ride next to the Sevier River’s east fork through more winding gales and valleys. Each section of your ride is unique in its timeless beauty. You’ll pass Hoodoos and Buttes, Canyons and Hollows, there are so many wondrous sights along this section of your ride that describing them all would take a small book.

After mile 72 you’ll enter Kingston, with a population of 169, it’s slightly bigger than Antimony and still has the small town charm. Leaving Kingston you’ll head south on Highway 89 through lush farmland, enter Circleville, and then find yourself once again following the Sevier River as you curve through the sights of Circleville Canyon.

At about mile 84 you’ll enjoy another section etched by the Sevier River’s patient hand. With sandstone faces, crumbling façades, high-desert foliage, and the lush riparian zone bordering the river, it’s truly breath-taking.

Highway 89 then flows effortlessly through the farmland of Panguitch’s valley and back to the Start/Finish.

109 Milers: This is the end of your ride! Go enjoy your post ride meal and share stories of the amazing sights you’ve just witnessed.

150 Milers: We’ve got a treat for you! At the intersection of N. Main St. and Highway 89, you’ll head south. That quickly becomes Panguitch Lake Rd. You’ll follow its winding path as it swings west and climbs toward Panguitch Lake. This stretch of road is a great prep for the LoToJa. It’s also one of the best kept secrets in Utah. The ride toward Panguitch Lake twists and turns, climbing and leveling, then climbing again up a pristine two-lane road with fields, streams, high-grass, and pine trees keeping you company. When you reach the 130 mile mark—about 20 miles up Panguitch Lake Rd—you’ll reverse course and head back down into Panguitch where we’ll have your post ride meal waiting!

218 Milers: Congratulations, you’ve just finished the first loop on your adventure! Now you get to take it all in again as you finish the loop a second time and become one of the elite riders who can say they completed a 200+ mile ride in a single day!

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Detailed maps of each route are linked below

Important Dates

Wednesday, June 3rd 2015:
small arrow Pre-registration closes for jersey purchases. Jerseys purchased by June 3rd will be available in your packet. Jerseys purchased after June 3rd will be available six weeks after the event.

Sunday, July 5th 2015:
small arrow Last day for early-bird discount

Tuesday, July 14th 2015:
small arrow 10pm – Online Registration Closes

Friday, July 17th 2015:
small arrow 6pm to 9pm – Packet pickup, Late registration & Pre-ride party for all riders

Fair Grounds
740 North Main St
Panquitch, UT 84759
Map to Fair Grounds

Saturday, July 18th 2015:
small arrow 5:30am to 6:30am – Late Registration and Packet Pickup.
small arrow 6:15am – Pre-ride meeting for 218 mile riders
small arrow 6:30am – Mass start for 218 mile riders
small arrow 6:45am – Pre-ride meeting for 50, 100, & 150 mile riders
small arrow 7am – Mass start for 50, 100, & 150 mile riders
small arrow 5pm – End of support for 100 milers
small arrow 9pm – End of support for 150 & 218 milers

Fair Grounds
740 North Main St
Panquitch, UT 84759
Map to Fair Grounds


Q: What is the weather like in July?

A: You can expect mornings to be in the 50’s and daytime temps to be in the 70’s and low 80’s. This may be the best place in the west to ride in summertime.

Q: How many rest stops are on the course?

A: There are four stops for the 80 mile riders and one for the 30 mile riders.

Q: Will there be sag vehicles on the course?

A: Yes, but it’s still a good idea to be prepared for any sort of breakdown.

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: Yes, in addition to the fully stocked rest stops, you’ll enjoy lunch at the finish line.

Q: Is the course relatively flat?

A: The 50 mile route has a total gain of 2,066 ft. It has one category 2 climb at the beginning of the event (The climb rating system goes from 1 to 5 with 5 being the easiest). You’ll climb 1205 ft. in the first 13 miles—an average grade of only 1.7%. After that the course flattens out and you’ll only gain 861 ft. in the final 37 miles.
A: The 109 mile route has a total gain of 3780 ft. You’ll find the same category 2 climb at the beginning of the ride (1205 ft. in the first 13 miles). Then you have a 60 mile gentle downgrade where you drop 1787 ft. That’s followed by a gentle upgrade where you’ll climb 620 ft. over the next 36 miles.
A: The 150 mile route has a total gain of 3780 ft. It’s identical to the 109 mile route until you shift off on your extra 41 mile leg. Then it climbs ______ ft. in the next 20 miles and turns around for a downhill to the finish.
A: The 218 mile route is identical to 109 mile route but with two laps. So you’ll have a total gain of 5991 ft. and face the category 2 climb twice. And you’ll also have that nice 60 mile downgrade twice. It is the flattest 200+ mile cycling event in Utah.


• 50 mile Option – on or before July 6th $60 – after the 6th $70

• 109 mile Option – on or before July 6th $70 – after the 6th $80

• 150 mile Option – on or before July 6th $80 – after the 6th $90

• 218 mile Option – on or before July 6th $95 – after the 6th $105

Area Info

Located in the center of Utah’s Color Country, this ride follows a spectacular route through the heart of the old west. Traveling some of our country’s most scenic back roads, you’ll ride past national parks, historic communities, and old west vistas—it’s as if you’re traveling through history! Come ride with us and experience the old west in real time!

Utah’s late summer offers a wide range of weather condition. Typical August weather for Panquitch has morning lows in the mid 50′s with mid-afternoon highs in the 80’s. In August occasional afternoon showers are not unusual.

Driving times: Only 3 hours from Las Vegas; 3.5 hours from Salt Lake City; 7 hours from Los Angeles; 7 hours from Denver.

Cancellation Policy

After your registration has been processed for any SpinGeeks event, NO REFUNDS will be available on your entry fee. We are sorry but that includes rider injuries, business or personal conflicts, or travel delays. All of our hard costs occur before the event and will be paid for by SpinGeeks regardless if you show up or not and many are incurred months before the event.

• Transferring registrations to other riders is not allowed.

• Additional purchased items will be mailed to you if you cancel ahead of the event day to all riders who live in the lower 48.

SpinGeeks events will not be cancelled due to weather unless the event director feels that riders safety is in jeopardy. If an event is cancelled due to extreme weather, riders will be given a 25% off coupon for any future SpinGeeks event within 12 months. Extreme weather is rare in Southern Utah and does not include rain, wind, cold, or heat. We’re thinking more in the line of ice storms or volcanoes erupting.

Any rider that registers for an event that has been cancelled by SpinGeeks ahead of the event date will receive a 100% refund.

Event Sponsors

Holiday Inn Red Rock Bicycle
Best Western Abby Inn


July 18, 2015
6:30 AM - 9:00 PM


Margaret Gibson
(435) 229-6251


Fair Grounds
740 North Main St
Panquitch, UT United States
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