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Saturday June 7th, 2014

Event Itinerary

Saturday, April 26th 2014:

smallarrow Ride the Gap Pre-registration closes for jersey purchases.

Jerseys purchased by April 26th will be available in your packet. Jerseys purchased after April 26th will be available six weeks after the event.

Sunday, May 25th 2014:

smallarrow Ride the Gap Last day for early-bird discount

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014:

smallarrow Ride the Gap 10pm – Online Registration Closes

Friday, June 6th 2014:

smallarrow Ride the Gap 4pm to 8pm – Late Registration and Packet Pickup

Lions Park
100 South 300 East
Parowan, UT
Map to Lions Park

Saturday, June 7th 2014:

smallarrow Ride the Gap 6:00am to 7:30am – Packet Pickup
smallarrow Ride the Gap 8:00am – Ride leaves
smallarrow Ride the Gap 5pm – End of support

Lions Park
100 South 300 East
Parowan, UT
Map to Lions Park

smallarrow Ride the Gap Please call Margaret with any questions:

• 30 Mile Option on or before May 25th $35 – After the 25th $45

• Metric Century 55 Miles on or before May 25th $55 – After the 25th $65

• Full Century 100 Miles on or before May 25th $60 – After the 25th $70

• Register Online with NO REGISTRATION FEES!


Area Map

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Event Information

Summer’s here. The roads are getting busier. Everyone’s in a hurry—so busy going places they forget to enjoy the ride. Why not escape the hustle and bustle? Let the rest of humanity scurry to and fro like ants in a glass box while you climb on your bike and experience true freedom while you propel yourself to a simpler time.

As you ride across the Parowan Gap, You’ll Escape by wandering back through time. You’ll journey with friends on sparsely travel roads. Experience beauty that ignites the fires of your imagination as it propels you through the ages. Imagine the gentle breeze on your face, your bike chain singing of freedom as nature serenades you. Smell the clean air as the sun warms your back under a crystal blue sky.

You’ll only find a ride like this in areas untouched by time, areas like the Parowan Gap.

Riding the Parowan Gap is like taking a tour back through the ages. The Parowan Gap has sparked the imagination of many people including Native Americans, Spanish Explorers, and early American Pioneers. Its stunning petroglyphs—estimated to span 1000 years—depict stories of ancient life and Cosmic Phenomena that make the Parowan Gap an integral part of Native American Lore.

  • Three Distances (Full Century 100 Miles, Metric Century 55 Miles, and Citizens 30 Miles)
  • Event is capped at 1500 riders so register early
  • Go back in time and examine what ancient people have left behind.
  • Fully stocked rest stops, a great lunch, and more!
  • Enjoy perfect summer riding temperatures in the high country of scenic Southern Utah
  • A distance to please every rider with 30, 55, and 100 mile options
  • You will receive a unique Ride the Gap event shirt with your registration
  • Only 2.5 Hours North of Las Vegas
  • Just 3 Hours South of Salt Lake City


Q: What is the weather like in June?

A: The average high is in the Low 80′s’s with a low in the high 40′s. Mornings perfect but it warms up fast. This particular area of Southern Utah has fantastic summertime temperatures.

Q: How many rest stops are on the course?

A: There are four stops for the 100 mile riders, two for the 55 mile riders and one for the 30 mile riders.

Q: Will there be sag vehicles on the course?

A: Yes, but it’s still a good idea to be prepared for any sort of breakdown.

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: Yes, in addition to the fully stocked rest stops, there will also be a full lunch at the finish line that will include pizza, wings, rolls, salad, and drinks.

Q: Is the course relatively flat?

A: YES! This is the flattest century in our series and great for first time riders.

Ride Images

Area Info

Parowan is a beautiful community situated in the heart of scenic Southern Utah. From Interstate 15, Parowan is the gateway to National Scenic Byway 143 and some of the most spectacular scenic attractions, and state and national parks. Parowan Gap petroglyphs are easily accessible, providing visitors a look at ancient American Indian culture. Parowan enjoys the beauty of all four seasons and is home to a number of festivals and events throughout the year. With its historic homes and buildings, tree-lined Main Street, and museums, visitors to Parowan are taken on a nostalgic trip back through time. With our close proximity to the mountains, Parowan is also the gateway to breathtaking scenic trails for hikers, bikers, ATV riders and snowmobilers, as well as numerous areas for fishing, picnicking and overnight camping. There is something for everyone in Parowan.

Cancellation Policy

After your registration has been processed for any SpinGeeks event, NO REFUNDS will be available on your entry fee. We are sorry but that includes rider injuries, business or personal conflicts, or travel delays. All of our hard costs occur before the event and will be paid for by SpinGeeks regardless if you show up or not and many are incurred months before the event.

• Transferring registrations to other riders is not allowed.
• Additional purchased items will be mailed to you if you cancel ahead of the event day to all riders who live in the lower 48.

SpinGeeks events will not be cancelled due to weather unless the event director feels that riders safety is in jeopardy. If an event is cancelled due to extreme weather, riders will be given a 25% off coupon for any future SpinGeeks event within 12 months. Extreme weather is rare in Southern Utah and does not include rain, wind, cold, or heat. We’re thinking more in the line of ice storms or volcanoes erupting.

Any rider that registers for an event that has been cancelled by SpinGeeks ahead of the event date will receive a 100% refund.

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